"I alone can not change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples- Mother Teresa. "

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Serve to Empower Africa is a faith-based Ministry with a unique family empowerment strategy that allow families to encounter God’s love and care through the church. Through this strategy, Serve to Empower Africa, partners with churches in a particular village to purposely better the lives of families in the church and outside the church. The process involves identification of potential opportunities for individual families and designing a suitable economic intervention that unlocks their growth in relation to economic well-being.



Various villages in Nyandarua County, Nakuru County, Laikipia County Nyeri and Muranga county Kenya.

Serve to Empower Africa is currently serving in Kenya in the following villages- Kanamba, Chobe, Mkungi, Ndunyu Njeru and Kitiri all in Kinangop- Nyandarua . Others villages are Kilo and Game in Nakuru county and Segera region-Mbogoini Village. Families are identified for empowerment program through the church and other institutions within the village like schools. A systematic approach is adopted to recruit and empower them to a point where they are able to walk on their own.