"We know only too well that what we are doing is nothing more than a drop in the ocean. But if the drops were not there, the ocean would be missing something.- Mother Teresa. "

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  • Mercy Family Story
    Mercy is 35 years old, a single mother of 2 and a member of Fishers of men church in Mathaithi village. Mercy ekes her living by hawking fruits in Karatina town to support her family and her single mother who works as a nanny for the children. Mercy church is very much involved in empowering on top of supporting with clothing and food to supplement what mercy brings home from her small hawking business. The church was involved in raising funds to put mercy in her current fruit hawking business to feed the entire family and pay for all the bills related to the family upkeep. Unfortunately, Mercy has a nagging medical condition made worse by too much walking looking for customers and its threatening to throw her out of the business that means everything to her family. Serve to Empower Africa has included Mercy in the family empowerment program and in partnership with her church, have agreed to get her a room where she can carry out her business to reduce fatigue that comes with having to walk too much looking for customers. This will positively work on her healthy and keep her strong and healthy. Additionally, there are plans to also increase the size of her business with additional products to assist her generate more for the increasing needs of her family.
  • This Angel need support
    We have a case of a small girl aged 5 years whose mother is mentally challenged and living conditions in her home very desperate to make it possible for the family and close relatives afford even the most basic health care. Fortunately we found out that the baby is healthy and mentally very alert. However her growth and development is affected by the environment in which she is living in. It has therefore been agreed between the family, the church and Serve to empower Africa that the girl be placed in an institution where she can enjoy a suitable environment for her growth and development. She is a high priority for Serve to Empower Africa and subject to availability of funds, we shall place her in an institution that is already identified to make it possible for this sweet angel to grow, learn and know God.
  • The story of Ann Wacera.
    Ann Wacera is a daughter to Leah Waceke whose family is in the family empowerment program with Serve to Empower Africa. After realizing there was an opportunity to assist her pursue her education dream successfully when her secondary school fees was fully paid, she has now requested to be allowed to be a boarder at her school than a day scholar. Being a day scholar is not only hectic and risky undertaking for a girl child but also places on her lots of family responsibilities when she gets home. It means her ability to complete home work and achieve on personal study plan may not be easily achieved. We are glad to report that Wacera request was accepted by the school principal and her mother is very supportive to ensure she excel in her education. Serve to empower Africa has supported with additional boarding fee and Wacera is now a Boarder. Empowerment involve giving people opportunities to plan for their future with confidence and speaking out so that your wish and dream can be known. Wacera has already undergone some form of empowerment and signs of that are evident in her joy and excitement.
  • The Love of a mother
    There is nothing as strong as a mothers Love. She does anything for the sake of her family. Leah Waceke a single mother in Kanamba village to both Ann Wacera and Joseph Karanja students at Tulaga Secondary school vowed to see them through their secondary education through thick and thin. She talked to the principal and requested to be allowed to work at the school and instead of being paid for her labour, all the money goes toward the school fees for the two. However, her earning was too little to keep both of them in school and according to the principal they would spend half of their school term at home as the mother worked at the school accumulating money to take care of their fees. When Serve to empower Africa partnered with Kanamba churches to empower families, Leah Waceke Family was prioritized as it was well known in the village based on the number of times churches and neighbors had served them with food including building them the house they currently live in. Recently, Serve to Empower Africa handed over a Donation that will take care of their school fees needs for the rest of their secondary school life. The 2 will not only be empowered to achieve their career dream but also that their mother will remain at home engaged in a gainful labour to generate more for the family in her 1 acre farm. Thanks be to God for his provision, Kanamba churches for showing care and love, Serve to empower Africa and partners for initiating an empowerment process for Leah Waceke family.

Margaret passion to better her Family.

Margaret Wanjiru is 49 years and very hard-working lady living in Kanamba village with her father who is 80 years old. Margaret is a mother to her 5 children and a guardian to 5 other children of her mentally sick sister, Mary 44 years of age without any capacity to attend to herself or her children. Mwangi, Margaret’s first born, is physically challenged and is also epileptic. He has been employed by a friend of his grandfather as a shepherd but only gets enough for a day’s meal.

Margaret’s main challenge as she explains is raising school fees for the children 6 of whom are in school. She has found a little help from the government through bursary but is never enough for all the children to go through school. She also explains that meals enough to feed the whole family is very rare and they have gone without food on many occasions especially when she hasn’t found paid work for that day. She is a casual laborer in the village and also does green peas farming in a hired farm to provide for the family’s basic needs. She explains that her strong faith has helped her cope with the situations in her life hoping God’s favour will come her way for the sake of her family to live a better life. Serve to empower Africa- (SEA) is partnering with Margaret family and will support her with a reliable sustainable source of income to benefit everyone who depends on her. As a hard-working lady, the identified suitable economic activity for her is to hire a land to carry out a crop farming activity on top of buying her a dairy cow and a few chickens for eggs.