" We cant help everyone but everyone can help someone. -Ronald Reagan. "

How to Partner with Serve to Empower Africa

Individuals, Groups of friends, People of common interest, Students and churches are welcome to Partner with Serve to Empower in the following ways;

Participating in an Impact trip to Kenya

Every trip for us is not just a trip but one that is meant to create an impact. We plan every trips in a way that both the trip participant and the family/ village visited are impacted in different ways. We encourage people to plan for an impact trip and experience a unique way of impacting those we serve and how those we serve impact us.

Donating to a one-off need.

one can donate to a one-off family or village-based need identified for support- a one off need can be at the family level as may be identified by Serve to empower Africa together with the family, a need at the school or one that serves an entire village.

Donating to support our work.

To impact many families in a village,we encourage all to support our work. Its important to understand that “Alone we can go fast but together we can go far” Our focus is not to go fast but to go far and leave deep impacts wherever we go. This will happen when many join hands and Hearts in family’s empowerment initiatives.

Serving as a short-term volunteer

Serve to Empower Africa provide opportunities to those who would wish to plan for a short-term volunteer trip for between 3 to 6 weeks. However suitable volunteer skills need to focus on; Teaching, Health care, Pastoral, Livestock farming and psycho-social support skills.