" Small acts when multiplied by many people can transform the world. "


Economic Empowerment Program; A family life line for empowerment

Empowering families through entreprenuerial is one of the most powerful means of empowerment. Serve to Empower Africa (SEA) work with families to identify simple family based economic activities which when implemented not only unlock every aspect of thier life but also fasten the pace of empowerment; Health, Education, Food security, Spiritual and access to water. We quickly realized that Chicken farming is a simple single most important economic activity for majority of the families and one that even a day after implementation start to generate an income. A chicken is cheap to buy, easy to rear compared to other livestock and provides the most convenient means of generating an income. A family can sell one chicken or even eggs to meet simple and urgent family needs such as school based needs, Cooking based needs such as maize flour, cooking oil, sugar, salt, tea leaves or over the counter medication. A family can sell eggs or even a chicken to raise funds for a monthly fee for health insurance fund or to access simple medical checks . On church matters, chicken and eggs are taken to church as an offering, tithe including contributing them for auction to support church based activities. Families with access to piped water lines, pay a fee that may require sale of a few eggs to manage that fee. Additionally chicken and eggs provides a family with a nutritional value required to remain healthy. Based on this information, a combination of Chicken rearing, dairy farming and crop farming are the primary economic activities that Serve to Empower Africa have identified together with families as simple means of income generating starting off a family towards their empowerment journey and ultimately impacting every aspect of their lives as well as their village. ]

What is success for Serve to Empower Africa. (SEA)

Success for serve to empower is when everyone in this partnership is a winner; That means; Success is achieved when;

  • Families successfully go through empowerment program and create a better life for themselves and for others,
  • The village becomes more vibrant place because families are empowered and able to participate more in village-based developments.
  • The church becomes more appealing in the village for positioning itself as a holistic empowerment agent.
  • Serve to empower creates opportunities for Families in Kenya and overseas to serve each other and alongside each other.

Simply put, Serve to empower Africa strategy is to champions the Family in a village through care and love that enable them to see Gods answered prayer resulting to a long-lasting relationship with him. !